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Friends of the Bridge 

The Bridge of Flowers has an annual giving program called Friends of the Bridge. Donors become Friends with a minimum contribution of $25 (see list below for donation levels). Eligible Friends' names are listed on the Friends’ Tree at the Bridge, on this page of our website, and in the annual report. Friends receive a lovely window decal and, annually, a copy of the annual report with a solicitation letter for continued support.


Businesses who become Friends of the Bridge with a donation of $250 or more are also considered Area Supporters and receive a special listing on this website that links to their own websites.



Friends of the Bridge, 2024

Gardener's Circle

(gifts of $250-499)

Callie, Don and Liza Ahern
Colleen M. Armstrong
David Hayes and June Blaise
Country Aire Campground

Nancy L. Dole Books and Ephemera
Andrea and Steven Frank

Andrea Gilmore and Kristina Madsen

Greenfield Cooperative Bank

Dr. and Ms. Greg Grillone
Constance Emmett and Suzy Groden
Bob and Cheryl Handsaker
Michael Herr
LaPierre’s Media Marketing
Dr. Sharron Laplante and Susan Bissell
Joan MacIver
Mill River Farm
Mr. and Mrs. David Neill
Elizabeth Otis
Kim and Tim Paige

Palmeri Electric
Raymond and Melanie Poudrier
Ellen and Scott Purinton

Jean and Larry Rankin

Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters

Shauna Stokes and Joel Chew
Anna Thurber
Peggy Warwick and John Walsh

Tom and Ann Weisse

West End Pub
Don and Marcia Wheeler

New England Aster

(gifts of $500+)

Blackmer Insurance Agency
Sarah Hill Buck
Jeana and David Hayes-Carrier
Davenport’s Service Station
Barbara and John Hurley
Judy and Bob Lawler
Marion and Peter London

Peter and Eva Otten
Cliff and Carol Washer
Nikki and Bob Welsh

Silver Trowel

(gifts of $100-249)

Heather Alexander

Mary Anderson

Amy Barry
Susan Barry
Sam and Marie Bartlett
Marlene Borer
Daniel and Phyllis Brown

Patric L. Cadam and Cynthia M. Brown

Sherry Clark
Constance Clarke

David Close and Gail Chapman Close

Chia Collins and Michael Cohen
Mike Chovenec and Rick Connor
Karen Croot

Deborah M. Decoigne
Ronald and Karen Dobosz

Andree Duval
Christine Ermenc
Karen Fairbrother

Cheryl Faufaw
Maureen Flaherty

Judy Fogg
Sharon Glazer

Gail R. Hanlon

Sharon and Richard Khachadoorian

Jo-Ann Leitner
Rick and Doreen Leskowitz

Pat and Henry Leuchtman
Deanne Loonin
Tom and Gail Lucia

Mildred March

Albert and Patricia Martin
Sarah Marquesen
Lorraine McCarthy
Belden Merims
Wanda Mooney
Karen O. Moore
Maureen Moore

Penny and Levaugh Morrison
Leonard and Suzanne Morse-Fortier
Faith Moseley
Vanda and Tom Mullins

Sylvia and Keith Orcutt
Jon and Marilyn Osgood
Judith Perera
The Perry Family
Roberta Potter

Regina Purinton

David and Melissa Roberts
Barbara and Robert Ruchames

Georgia and Chuck Russo
Sylvia and Bill Smith

Steven Shulda
Russ and Cheri Snow

Randi Stein
Jody Stewart
Alan and M.A. Swedlund

Sally and Walt Tejan
Cynthia Tomasini
Steve and Patty Upton

Ellen Weeks

Johanna and Josh Weinstein
Marguerite Willis

Karen Winkler
Deborah Woodsome

Green Thumb

(gifts of $25-99)

Olivia and William Blumer
Kathleen N. Bowse
Karen Buscemi
Betsy Corner and Randy Kehler
Christopher Coveney
Emily and Jon Crawford
Penny De Georges

Ellen Eller
Fred and Lois Feldman

The Fetonti Family
Dick and Shirley Floyd
Donald and Margaret Freeman
Polly French
Kathe Geist and Steven Sternbach

Barbara Hoffman

Deb Jacobs
Sally Judd

Robert and ToniAnn Kubica
Carol Lambie-Parise
Eric and Amy Lewanda
Stephanie Gelfan and Wolfe Lowenthal

Peggy March

Sarah Marquesen

Mac McCoy and Polly Byers
Marilyn Mele
Sarah Neelon
Nancy Parland and Steve Howland
Elaine Parmett
Paula Parsons

Catherine and Malcolm Porter

Judith Roberts and Jonathan Lagreze
John Robinson Riggin
Scott and Laurel Rollins

Susan Samoriski

Paul W. Schroeder

Ann and Ed Shanahan
Ms. Susan Shearer
Wes Slate and Georgia Bills

Suzanne Smethurst
Joanne Soroka
Penelope Spearance
Lisa M. Spinney
Gordon and Marian Taylor
Anita Tieman

Fred and Dolores Turcotte
Gina and Larry Wells
Ann Wetherbee

Laurie Wheeler
Janie Gordon and Carlos Zigel

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