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Educational Resources

The following information is provided as curricular aids for teachers, guides for parents, and resources for anyone curious about bridge construction and history. It was developed by students enrolled in course CEE-129, Bridge Design and Rehabilitation, at Tufts University, taught by Brian Brenner, a Professor of the Practice at the University and a Principal Engineer at Tighe & Bond. We are grateful to them for choosing the Bridge of Flowers as their 2021 case study and we are proud to share this information with you. (Read this press release for more information.)

STEM Resources for Teachers: All about Bridges
By Danielle Kaden and Travis Van Brewer


Introduction to Bridge Foundations
By Dylan Felty and Richard Haight

Iconic Bridges Across New England and Beyond: When, Where, and Why (PDF file)
By LJ Ambrogio, John DeFrancisci, Claire Wright

3D Digital Renderings of the Bridge of Flowers
By Talisa Watts, Christopher Hoerrner, Sebastian Sak, Jonah Tobin, and Andrew Kraunelis

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