Giving in Memory of Someone

When you make a donation in memory of someone, the name of the person being memorialized will be posted in a list that appears listed in a kiosk at the entrance to the Bridge of Flowers, on this page, and in our annual report for the year in which the donation is made and for two following years. Donations in memory of someone may be made in any amount. If several donations are given in memory of the same person, however, his or her name will appear only once in the various listings.


We regret that we cannot honor requests or receive donations for plaques, plants, or any other permanent memorial elements for the Bridge of Flowers.


Donors who give $25 or more in memory of someone are automatically recognized as a Friend of the Bridge.





2021 Gifts in Memory of:

2020 Memorial Gifts
In memory of

Joseph H. Babcock
Candae B. Bath
William Berenson
Leigh Maddern Bernard
Jane S. Burnett
Bob Davidson
Scott Davidson
Margaret E. Folgmann
Adeline Fortier
Edward G. Keefe
Kathleen Kippenberger
Mildred B. Knapp
Margaret Lively
Susan Maddern
Dr. Vera Matinsky
Lisa Patricia “Tish” Murphy
Dominic Palazzolo
Les Rood
Hattie O. Salter
Dorothy Wert
Vickie Whalen

Mary C. Anderson
Joseph H. Babcock
Craig W. Barry
Candae B. Bath
Annette Bosley Bernard
Jane S. Burnett
Rolande Curtis

Lori Ann DiMaggio
Corinne Dugas
Margaret Folgmann

Adeline Fortier

Steve Gordon

Edward G. Keefe

Dexter Lyman

Susie Maddern
Dr. Tom B. Maloney
Irene Mary (Samorajski) Moody
Yvonne Montmeat
Lisa "Tish" Murphy
Dominic Palazzolo
Hattie O. Salter
Dorothy C. Savina 
Chris Singley

Marie F. Spinney

David West

Catherine Woodard