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STEM Resources for Teachers: All about Bridges
By Danielle Kaden and Travis Van Brewer

Why study bridges?
The answer to this is that bridges should be studied because they are important infrastructure that can connect two different communities and help shape future development. Bridges are built over natural obstacles such as deep openings in the Earth, or large bodies of water. They allow for people, cars, and trains to cross from one side of the obstacle to another.

What can bridges teach us?
Bridges are well-rounded infrastructure that can teach us about physics, marine life, engineering, transportation, and architecture.

Brief Bridge of Flowers History

  • Location: Shelburne Falls, MA

  • Type: Arch

  • Historical use: The Bridge of Flowers was initially built as a trolley bridge on the Shelburne Falls & Colrain Streetcar Railway. The bridge connected the two towns of Shelburne Falls and Buckland over the Deerfield River. But, in 1929, when the railway was closed the bridge remained and was then converted into the Bridge of Flowers by the Shelburne Falls Area Women’s Club. Since 1929, volunteers have been planting and maintaining the flower beds on the beautiful Bridge of Flowers.

  • Current use: Pedestrian bridge, tourist attraction

  • Materials: Concrete

  • Span Length: 400 ft.

  • Width: 18 ft.

  • Opening Date: 1908

  • Recent reconstruction: 1979

  • Pictures:

Teacher/Parent Information
The following links provide different activities and methods of bridge education for elementary and middle school students. This section includes activities, labs, worksheets, word searches, and bridge toys available for purchase.

Student Information
This section has fun and interactive information and links! We have included fun facts about bridges, bridge graphics, cool and educational videos about bridges, and games. 

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